"Gosnold has saved my life. I'm very grateful to be here."
Prior to moving in to Gosnold Apartments in 2008, Ted slept in a tent for more than a year and suffered constant pain due to a back injury he received while working in 2001. With the help of the support services staff at Gosnold, Ted has applied for Social Security Disability Income, Food Stamps, and Medicaid.


Housing Access Support Services

Support Services

Support Services are key to ensuring that Virginia Supportive Housing's tenants remain in permanent housing.

The three major components of Virginia Supportive Housing's Support Services are:

  • Based on a comprehensive assessment of needs and strengths, a plan is developed to connect individuals to mainstream services and supports in the community. Support service staff assist with accessing services and resources, monitor the quality and effectiveness of those services, and ensure coordination of care to promote achievement of each individual's personal goals.
  • We provide counseling to help individuals resolve life issues, promote recovery, and manage mental health symptoms. Skills training is provided to promote life skills such as budgeting, medication management, and development of positive social supports.
  • We work with individuals to ensure a strong sense of connectedness in each apartment community as well as with the larger communities in which we are located. Individuals participate in community meetings, attend civic association meetings and community events, and plan recreational activities.

Virginia Supportive Housing also offers Mental Health Support Services to tenants who have psychiatric disabilities.

Mental health support services include training to:

  • improve Activities of Daily Living skills;
  • improve access to community resources to improve community integration;
  • improve health and nutrition;
  • improve financial management skills;
  • assist with self-management of psychiatric symptoms;
  • and promote relapse prevention skills for individuals with co-occurring substance use disorders.

The services described above are offered to the individuals and families living in VSH's apartment buildings and community homes.