"Having a place to live... ...helps my fears and gives me hope."
For twenty years, Anne was unable to obtain permanent housing due to mental illness, substance abuse and limited income. She began receiving daily services from A Place to Start (APTS), VSH's new "housing first" program. She now maintains an apartment and is continuing her journey of recovery.


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Who We Are

Virginia Supportive Housing (VSH) is a not-for-profit that transforms lives, transforms communities & provides permanent solutions to homelessness.

VSH's mission is: We end homelessness by providing permanent housing and supportive services.

Founded in 1988, the then named SRO Housing of Richmond was the first not-for-profit in the Commonwealth with the mission of providing permanent supportive housing to homeless single adults. It took four years, but in 1992 New Clay House opened, becoming the first permanent supportive apartments in Virginia and home to 47 formerly homeless single adults.

Since then, VSH (renamed in 1999 to more accurately reflect its mission) has developed more than 400 units of affordable, permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless individuals and families and persons with disabilities in Richmond, Hampton Roads, and Charlottesville.

Our Approach Goes Far Beyond Shelter

We provide permanent housing integrated with appropriate levels of support services to help tenants stay housed and find the support they need to succeed in other areas of life.

96% of our residents obtain a stable income through work or entitlement programs.

We Deliver Results.

VSH takes an integrated approach to ending homelessness by providing both permanent housing and support services to the most under served segments of our population.

The homeless individuals and families we serve represent the very lowest levels of income in our region (generally 30% or less than our area's median income). This financial situation is often compounded by other challenges, including substance abuse, mental illness and physical disabilities.

98% of our residents do not return to homelessness.

Our approach saves the public up to $9,000 per individual served.

The cost to the Greater Richmond community of providing temporary housing is approximately $9,500 to $13,500 per person. We spend approximately $4,500 per person, per year to provide permanent, supportive housing to individuals and families.


For two decades, VSH has been a statewide leader in affordable housing and quality services for many of the community's hardest to serve populations. Four VSH housing developments have received the Virginia Governor's Housing Achievement award:

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